The Honos Art Gallery presents, within the OFF SITE exhibition cycle, the exhibition of sculpture and painting "Materia" by Franco Ciuti, designed to give a synthetic but in-depth overview of the last ten years of plastic production and research around languages that arise from the comparison with the subject.

There is a surprising coherence of thought and form among the sculptures (terracotta, bronze and lead) and the pictorial works some in mixed technique and others in resin and acrylic arriving, as in the case of "Frammetti di cielo" (2018), to combine his double and very personal way of being an artist, conceiving a work in acrylic and ceramics in which the boundless space and the concretions of tangible reality converge.

The subject has always been the central pivot of acting as an artist by Franco Ciuti since his early work, in the sixties, around the being of the physical entity, seizing every idea of ​​expression intrinsic to it. Much of Ciuti's work consists in blowing deep traces of humanity into the intimacy of the material and the forms he uses, so that the strength of the forms and of the material then flows into the most intimate strings of that inseparable human part of a work of art that we are ourselves, we spectators (Tommaso Trini).

The works that are presented in the exhibition are, ultimately, a powerful summary of today's decades of research by the artist. Once the geometries have been set aside, the active stratigraphy of matter that speak to us of possible worlds, exceeding what is known (going beyond Fontana), of the complex but nesessary dialogue and of a nature that needs our awareness to continue to be the concrete and ethereal space of human action.

BIOGRAPHIC NOTES: Franco Ciuti (Rome, 1938) is today an internationally renowned artist. A pupil of Pericle Fazzini and Leoncillo, he graduated from the State Institute of Art. After the meeting with Pascali and Kounellis, he definitively frees himself from the influences of his first masters and undertakes a research entirely focused on the organic nature of the material, or in the search for a comparison between organic form and essential geometry, including the square and the circle, going beyond, even the hard and the soft, the edge and the fold. Throughout his career he has taught "Plastic Decoration" at the Art Institute of Rome and boasts an intense exhibition activity in museums and international galleries. Among the main personal exhibitions we recall that of 1964 at the Lo Scorpio Gallery in Rome, in 1977 at the Gallery Forum-Arts in Copenhagen, in 1983 at the Forma Gallery in Florida, Palazzo Barberini (1985), Lodi Art Gallery in Los Angeles ( 1986), Passadena (1993), Naples (Galleria Framart 1996), Faenza (Palazzo Muky, 2018). Many of his sculptures can be seen in the city squares such as Rome, Athens, Riyadh, Perugia, Assisi.

PLACE: Via di Sant’Agostino,11 - 00186 Roma

OPENING: La mostra sarà aperta dal 2 al 12 novembre 2018. 
Monday and Friday:10am – 4pm 
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